Dr Éric Dupont,
scientifique et artiste

Branding strategies, artistic direction, website redesign and press relations

Strategies b.com led the public image change of Dr. Éric Dupont, scientist and artist, including the artistic direction of the photo shoot and the redesign of the website. The agency was also involved in the drafting and translation of the new texts for the website. B.com also took care of the press relations surrounding the launch of his new series of paintings “Éternelle Évolution”. Created by reusing bands of his paintings of the last twenty years, Dr. Dupont proposes with this series a different artistic approach, at the origin of the fabulous diversity of life, DNA and RNA.

Crédits photo : Brigitte Thériault
Crédits photo : Dr Éric Dupont
Crédits photo : Dr Éric Dupont

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