• We provide meaning 
    to your

    Because we believe that the best of a brand is in its values and in its creators’ vision, we propose communication strategies and approaches that line up with what makes you unique.

  • We create 
    and measure

    Because you work hard to succeed and to distinguish yourself from your competitors, we establish with you some key performance indicators

  • We act 
    with coherence
    and passion

    Because we use your expertise and your intuition to develop some creative and powerful strategies fit to all the functions and services of your company – in a cost-effective manner.

  • We generate
    action and

    Because what truly matters is for you to build a lasting relationship with your clients, we develop for them a positive experience, by creating messages that make them smile, cry, and being moved to inspire your target audience to engage

All the services in integrated marketing communications into one agency. Welcome on board

Strategies, management and training

Strategies, management and training

  • Guidance –analyze and strategic planning in integrated marketing communications
  • Project lead and management
  • Individual and team coaching, mentoring, communication training

Brand image, design and creation

Brand image, design and creation

  • Logotype and brand conception
  • Visual platform –brand identity
  • Website design
  • Booth, print, packaging
  • Art and photography direction
  • Ideation
  • Copywriting
  • Slogan
  • Storyboarding

Media creativity, brand alliances, partnerships, sponsorships

Media creativity, brand alliances, partnerships, sponsorships

  • Sponsorship Management
  • Sponsorship Programs Development
  • Property Evaluation
  • Niche Assessment
  • Sponsorship Policy Development
  • Sales and Representation
  • Planning, negotiation and media buying
  • Purchase of sponsorship in TV shows

360° Brand Activation

360° Brand Activation

  • Brand management and integration in all media and tools
  • Direct marketing
  • Event Marketing and Cause Marketing
  • Sampling, organization of contests, field presence, promotional items, corporate gifts
  • Organization of private or fundraising activities
  • Implementation of operating strategies, marketing and financing

Communications and Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations

  • Communication Plan Writing
  • Writing press releases, speeches, arguments
  • Press Relations, Crisis Management, Press Conferences

Production and Editing

Production and Editing

  • Promotional, Advertising, Corporate Videos, business portraits, Web Series, Documentaries.
  • Aerial views with drones for your engineering, construction and event projects.
  • Communication tools, editing and exhibition projects

You are our inspiration

Strategies b.com is a consulting firm, a fair and collaborative agency where the human being, the client and the experience are at the core of its approach.

Based on our attention and comprehension of your stakes, everything is organized around you, the client: your needs, your budgets, your objectives, and your company’s purpose.

You’re our inspiration, the source of our motivation.

Be, become and act to communicate better, reveal the best of your brand, make its influence felt widely, give substance and meaning to your communications. This is our reason for being.

They trust us!

Claudie Bérubé M.A.P., B.A. President, Producer and Leading Strategist

Graduated from a BA in Advertisement and marketing Claudie Bérubé passed a Master in Public Administration in 2012. After years of work experience in big companies and major events in Québec, Claudie Bérubé decided to create her own company, Stratégies b.com mar-keting in December 2012. A woman of heart, of action and vision, she knows how to listen her instincts to develop innovative strategies which serve her customer’s interests. She always manages to deliver concrete and measurable results; the success of her projects is tinged with the commitment, boldness and creativity she puts in. Claudie Bérubé is fueled by challenges. In her view, every single issue has a solution. Claudie Bérubé now offers her expertise and knowledge based on her rich and diversified experience in the communication and marketing field, for the benefit of her customers who are willing to communicate and fulfill their brand experience differently.

Jean-Maxime Brais Executive Creative Director

Executive creative director, Jean Maxime has participated to the creation of the brands discourse with their customers everywhere in the world, from the strategic positioning on local markets to the development of global public relations strategies for fifteen years.

Laurence Belzile-Rioux Communication Advisor –Marketing research, copywriting and production

Laurence received a degree in public communications/ public relations from attending classes at Laval University; now completing her certificate in creative writing. Her passion for words and insatiable desire to seek new challenges are two of the qualities which brought her to her position as editor-in-chief for the cultural magazine "Intercom". Laurence even developed a new brand image; lively and modern, her very work shines exceptionally bright in the university community. According to Laurence, one must always be able to combine versatility and savoir faire in order to be efficient in the communications sector. In order to gain essential knowledge for her job, Laurence shows great interest in studying the artistic, political and community sectors. This experience and hard work became proof of her ability to understand public affair issues, to work under pressure, as well as to quickly adapt to the various assigned tasks. Her excellent writing skills, the interest and understanding she exhibits for digital marketing strategies, and her professionalism has proven Laurence to be a special asset to the agency.

Anne-Marie Fecteau Communication Advisor –Copywriter-conceptor

Former student in fashion commercialization and currently graduating student in public communication at Laval University, Anne-Marie Fecteau is one of the creative minds of the Stratégies-b.com marketing team. Passionate about visual arts, she has that energy that makes her constantly bubbling up with new imaginative projects. She especially enjoys conceiving innovative concepts and expresses her spark of madness beautifully in each project she works on. Frequent traveler, Anne-Marie is open to the world and always on the lookout for big trends that nurture her fertile curiosity.

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